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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Community Helpers

image from www.staugustine.com

My son (4) is all about trucks, trains, buses, tractors, etc. If the thing has wheels, he loves it. I just want to give a shout out today to all of the people (usually men) out there who take the time to wave to a little boy staring at them in their trucks as they go past. This week we've been waved at by firemen, a dump truck driver and two garbage truck drivers.

Now I understand policemen and firemen waving and making a big deal out of it all, they are heroes in a little kids' eyes. But the garbage man, not such a glorified job. And definitely under-appreciated. But these two garbage men were stopped at a red light today as we crossed in front of their truck. Buddy was staring at their truck as was Princess Sparkley (she is her brother's sister after all) and both men went out of their way to lean forward into the front window of the truck so we could see them waving. So nice!!

We had the privilege (in Buddy's eyes, not mine) of having an excavator digging in our front yard for a couple of weeks last year. Again, these tractor drivers were so nice, offering to let Buddy climb in one of the tractors when they saw how thrilled he was with it all. He didn't, he's a bit too shy with strangers, but he watched them work all day.

So, in summary. Thank you to all of the nice people out there who are just going about doing their jobs but take a minute to make a little kids' day by smiling or waving.

Buddy, by the way, is pretty sure he wants to be a train driver when he grows up. Although he asked me today if train drivers even have to drive at night. And every time he tells us he wants to be a train driver, he then says, "But I don't know yet."


Jamie said...

That's a cute story. I love when the community workers make a fuss because kids love their machines so much. I always hesitate to wave at our garbage man. He looks nuts! He might take it as an invitation.

Ashby Family said...

Buddy seems like a cute kid - and it's great that he appreciates all the truck drivers that he sees.

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