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Friday, June 06, 2008

Colored Pencils

imaged from www.crayola.com

Princess Sparkley loves to draw. Love love loves to draw. She goes through a ream of printer paper quicker than our printer does. I don't even do markers because while my kids haven't really taken up drawing on our walls, they would accidentally get marker all over them and their clothing and my tables. And, well, I just can't handle that. So we do crayons and colored pencils. My complaint about colored pencils is they break easily and sharpen horribly. So if you have any recommendations for a colored pencil that doesn't break easily, and sharpens nicely, or a wonderful pencil sharpener, please let me know. Until then, these are my favorite, but they are only available in the basic 8 color pack. And Princess Sparkley is way more advanced than 8 colors, so says her bragging mom.

Oh, and don't recommend the Twistable pencils. I hate them. They roll of the table once and break. And they color horribly.

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Erin said...

Get her the real thing--Prismacolors. Nathan and I both have a set from when we were in high school. So I guess they last a long, long time. :) I usually just pull them out for special drawings, not just everyday coloring. It's kind of hard to even use crayola after coloring with Prismas.

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