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Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend in wraps

Ate popcorn while watching a movie in bed.
Remembered why I avoid popcorn because I spent the rest of the weekend picking popcorn from my teeth.

Bought a gallon of chocolate milk (because it's so much better than when you make it at home).
Find it laughable that I got the chocolate milk with the latest expiration date since there's only about an ounce left and it's been two days.

Got the ironing board and iron out to iron fabric for sewing and clothes that basically live in the laundry area closet dreaming of someday being ironed.
Have had an ironing board in my living room for four days anticipating when I iron while watching something on TV. Have done no ironing.

Made half of a yummy candy treat.
Will post pictures and recipe when I finish the other half.

Finally mailed a bunch of thank you cards I've been carrying around in my purse for a week.

Went to church and heard some great talks on Mother's Day. Thanks to my friend Erin who focused on not just moms, but the women who are mothers but have no kids. I've always felt kind of bad on Mother's Day because I have a sister-in-law who for years didn't go to church on Mother's Day because she couldn't have kids.

Took Buddy to the bathroom five times during church. Not only is he fascinated with bathrooms, but he's discovered that going to the bathroom is a great thing to do when you are bored at church. (Can't really get mad at him since I'm thrilled that he's finally potty trained.)

Laughed when I saw a sticker one of my bananas that said, "I [heart] lunch boxes."

Watched Juno. Enjoyed it. Found it very funny. Even funnier was when my brother-in-law was angry about having to watch it a bit ago because he'd heard it was about a pregnant teenager who moves to Alaska so the government will pay for her baby. (My husband's reaction to me--it's his little brother-- was "that's not even how Juneau is spelled." To which I said, "yes, but [little bro] has never been a great speller, has he?")

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