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Monday, May 05, 2008

Too Many Books

I've decided there is in fact a downfall to reading too many books. In 2006 I reached my record high for numbers of pages read in a year - 22,027 pages in 74 books. I'd only broken 10,000 pages once since I started keeping track. That was 14,366 in 2005. I'm not sure how I pulled off either of those. Especially since this was after I had kids. I'm also not sure how I was wasting all of my free time before the kids came. Wait... I do, TV. That's probably also to blame for my low reading totals of 2007 and this year. We don't have cable, but I discovered that my library has all the seasons of all my favorite shows. And if they don't, I request that they buy it, and they do. Fabulous. Well, not for my reading.
I've gotten off topic. The thing about too many books is, I don't remember much about them unless they were a unique book. Or I don't even remember if I read them. (Good thing I keep a list.) So I read here that the book Everything is Illuminated by Johnathan Safran Foer was made into a movie. I instantly thought, "I read that book. I should see the movie now." But the plot summary on the back of the movie only sounded vaguely familiar. So I checked my goodreads list to see if I'd actually read it. According the the list that I created, I had. So I checked the list I keep on the computer. Nope. Not there. Didn't read it. OR, did I just forget to record that I read it?? So my husband and I watched the movie Friday night (me, Friday and Saturday night... I fell asleep halfway through the first time. Not that the movie was bad, just that I'm a tired person.) I'm pretty sure I didn't read the book. I know I read Foer's other book, I remember it. And I know I read his wife's book. I think I even checked Everything is Illuminated out from the library, but apparently I never got around to reading it. So now I need to decide if I should read it, after seeing the movie. Seeing the movie first and then reading the book goes against just about everything I believe in. If there is a movie, and I want to see it, and I know that it is based on a book, I try to read that book before seeing the movie. But what about movies that I thought I'd read the book first when in fact, I didn't. Hmm. Too many books. Not always a good thing when you can't remember what you've been reading.
So I can't do a book review. But I did enjoy the movie. For being such a low key, not really heard about movie (at least I didn't hear about it) I thought it was really well made. And the music... loved it. I think Eugene Hutz could be one of my new favorite actors and his band, Gogol Bordello a favorite music group.


Jamie said...

Jake and I really like this movie. We never really recommend it to watch, because I told my sister and my mom I liked it and they watched it together and were disturbed by it. Jake loves the band too.

Erin said...

I really love this movie too. It is sad, but that is to be expected of a movie that deals with this topic. It is also manages to be one of the funniest movies ever thanks to Eugene Hutz. The music is fantastic. My brother read the book as well and said it was very good and very different from the movie. So I think you would still enjoy it. I would like to read it too. I have the same issue when I read books--when I read them fast I totally forget the entire story after a couple of years. Of course I have never read even close to the amount you have. You are amazing!!

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Of the two Ukrainians I know, I've asked one about this movie and he liked it. And I asked the one Gogol Bordello fan I know about it, and she liked it, too.

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