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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer Haircut


When I was at BYU, one of our Relief Society Enrichment activities was how to cut boys hair. I guess thinking along the line that at some point we'd have husbands and sons whose hair would need cutting for cheap. But probably also because our hilarious Relief Society president was a beautician. All I remember about that whole lesson was that you need to blend the layers so it doesn't look odd, and you should angle the sideburns towards the lips. If they are pointing to the lips, girls are looking at your lips and you have a better chance of getting kissed. She was of course showing us this by cutting a guy in our ward's hair, and he was of course turning bright red at all the mentioning of lips and kissing. I thought it would be great to be able to cut boy hair someday. But didn't have a son or a husband or even a boyfriend at the time. So I just filed that information away into the far recesses of my brain where cobwebs have grown on them and well, you see how much I remembered. My husband cuts his own hair. He started on his mission. He buzzes it and then I come along and standing on a stool (he's 6'3" and I'm 5'6"), make sure he got all the hair on the crown of his head. But I have cut Buddy's hair, same hair cut my husband gets, on more than one occasion. It turns out best if I'm just buzzing it off for the summer like below. If I actually try to keep some of it long on top ... well, it's not always so perfect.

So I cut Buddy's hair yesterday. All of it. He only wanted the top cut because that's the only part that gets hot and sweaty.



Ashby Family said...

I love buzz cuts on little boys!! My boys get them too.

Malissa said...

I remember that enrichment night years ago- LOL! Buddy looks cute with the cut! I try to cut hair too! When I gave Jeffrey his first buzz cut he was 2. He looked in the mirror, put his hands on his head and screamed, "no, No, NO!!"

The next day at church when people would comment on his cut he would put his hands on his head and run away. LOL. It took him a week to look at his reflection in the mirror. Now he doesn't mind the buzz cut so much!

Jamie said...

Cute boy. Cute with both hairstyles. I love buzzing Liam's head. I love the dump truck birthday cake or brownies. Did the kids love that?

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