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Thursday, May 22, 2008

on DVD

I liked this movie. I didn't LOVE this movie, but I liked it a lot. It's amazing that Jane Austen was able to write such great love stories, when her own was so sad. I read the wikipedia page about her about halfway through the movie, just so I could see where things were going (that's the nice thing about nonfiction) and it was interesting. I've had these books recommended to me by a sort of Jane Austen expert and thought I'd pass the info along to any Austen fanatics out there: What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew by Daniel Pool and The Friendly Jane Austen by Natalie Tyler.

I loved the idea of this movie. And it was actually a pretty good movie, but a lot of the ideas were old. It seemed like a lot of this movie was taken from other romantic comedies in the book and film world. But it was still enjoyable. And it was free because Redbox text messages me a free rental code every Wednesday in May.

When I first saw the trailer for this movie on the Cinderella 3 movie for Princess Sparkley's 5th birthday party, I laughed out loud a couple of times. Out loud. That being said, the movie was not nearly as funny as I expected or wanted it to be. But my daughter loves it! As soon as it was over she asked if we could try to get a cd of all the music from the movie because she absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed how they took a little piece here and a little piece there from all the different Princess movies and combined it into this movie.

I think I loved this movie. I actually said to my husband the other night while watching another movie and seeing the trailer for this movie again that this is a movie I wouldn't mind owning. I think this is my Napoleon Dynamite. Let me explain. I liked the movie Napoleon Dynamite, but I didn't LOVE it like my husband loved it. I think I love this movie. And the music is great, I got as many of the songs as I could for free on Napster the other day.

After Serendipity, America's Sweethearts, and Must Love Dogs I was really liking John Cusak. This movie is okay, but it didn't live up to my expectations. Although Joan Cusak was in it... which I love.


Cristin said...

I didn't really like Becoming Jane that much. I thought the guy was too short for her and I didn't think it accurately portrayed what happened in her life. (I read the wiki article on Jane Austen during the movie too.)

Erin said...

Thanks for the movie reviews. I have been wanting to see many of them. I also want the Enchanted soundtrack--mainly to get my kids to clean up to "Happy Working Song". I saw this movie at the Union with Lydia and we were laughing so hard with the whole theater. Then when we saw it at home it just wasn't as funny. But still a cute movie, despite the dumb ending. I love Joan Cusack too...

wendys said...

Here are my thoughts on the movies...
Becoming Jane: I liked it a lot
27 Dresses: Never seen
Enchanted: Liked it
Juno: Never seen it but want to
Martian Child: It was ok, but not a keeper.

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