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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Needs More Stories

I've decided my blog needs more fun stories.

Because I enjoy Jamie's fun stories on her blog.

Because my kids are always asking from stories from my own childhood and I'm getting tired of telling them about the time we had 4 cats and 17 kittens.

Because I have a bad memory and this is a nice way to record the stories before I forget.

Because this is sort of a journal on some aspects of my life.

Because this past weekend we were able to hear my in-laws speak in church and my mother-in-law related an experience from when she was pregnant with her first child and the spirit prompted her to go look out the window and as soon as she got to the window, the ceiling fell on the chair where she had just been sitting. Afterward my husband said to me that he thought that was the sort of story his parents probably should have shared with him growing up.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Ha! Thanks for thinking I have fun stories. I've sort of lost steam on blogging. I am loving your blog. I don't check many anymore except for yours and a couple of other favorites. I need to record more memories for myself and family. Kind of like the story your mother-in-law shared. I don't ever journal the spiritual things, but those would be the most helpful. My mom would always tell us spriritual stories and/or experiences and tell us that these are things that we don't share unless we feel prompted to. That we keep these things sacred. Then my dad would share the ones about me with my entire Sunday school class or seminary class whenever he substituted. So embarrassing.

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