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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Must Have

image from www.dermstore.com

I'm not a big make-up person. I can remember being about 13 or 14 years old and desperately wanting to hide my freckles, meeting with my mom's Jafra consultant, picking out a foundation, putting little dabs of foundation all over my face and rubbing it in like I'd seen my mom do my whole life. But I hated the feel of it on my face. And I hated having this layer of stuff on top of my skin. So I gave it up and decided I'd just have to live with freckles.

I don't wear lipstick except for special occasions, Sundays, or days when I feel like it for some odd reason. Funny since I can't even count the times while growing up that I've hurried my mom along while she's reapplying her lipstick for the hundredth time in a day. I only wear blush on those same occasions, or if I'm wearing a color of clothing that I think I don't look good in (white, etc.). I do wear mascara always. And usually on the days when I say I'm just wearing mascara, I end up with eye shadow and eye liner as well.

But this is one of my must haves. I get the the one pictured above with a "light tint." I read about it in either Parents or Parenting magazines. I used to subscribe to both. I can't tell them apart. My husband however can tell you which one he likes-- the one that doesn't talk to dads like they are a babysitter occasionally involved in their kids' lives. But I'm off the subject. It was just a quick little ad in the magazine talking about how to quickly, and minimally, make a mom look awake and ready for the day. So I tried it. And I love this stuff! I can't feel it on my face other than that my face feels moisturized and not dry and tight. Plus it has built in sunscreen. And gives me a very very light tan (unnoticeable really).

On a side note, I had a roommate in college whose father had never seen his wife without make-up. EVER! She woke up at like 4:30AM every morning to put her make-up on before he saw her. Crazy! When Buddy was born and I was juggling an almost two year old and a newborn, my goal was to have make-up and clothes on (and Princess Sparkley dressed and her hair done) by the time my husband got home from work at 5:30PM. I thought that was a successful day.


Cristin said...

I also have a goal of having make-up and being showered by the time Erik gets home from work. A few times he has come home early and discovered me in my bathrobe doing my hair at 4:30 p.m., I'm like - oh well, the scam is up...

Rae said...

My dermatologist highly recommends this product!

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