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Thursday, May 01, 2008


When I was in college I briefly dated a guy who I once saw on campus wearing lederhosen. He'd served a mission in Germany and apparently in his efforts to not be like everyone else, lederhosen seemed like a cool thing to wear. When I passed him on campus, I just sort of smiled and walked on explaining later to the person I was with that he was just some guy I knew. I couldn't go around admitting to people that I was dating the guy wearing the lederhosen around campus. Plus, to my credit, it seems as though he was wearing some sort of knee length sock get-up as well. But not the strappy overall part of the shorts.

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Jamie said...

Unless there were more than 1 lederhosen-wearing guys on campus, I totally remember seeing this guy. It's always kind of disturbing to see a grown man wearing snug "child's" clothing. I think I put him in the same category as the boy scout clown, the star wars cape wearing unicyclist, and others that were a rarity on campus. Did you ever see the Cure guy that walked around in all black and a black trench coat and black hat with his lacey fringed black umbrella even during the summertime?

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