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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Itching all over

Our church had a camp out last night. While we opted to set up the tent, hang out in it a bit, and not spend the night, we didn't come home free of ticks as I had hoped. I'm paranoid about this sort of thing. I think because my mom had a thing about ants. I have a thing about all insects. They must all die (with the exception of the cute, helpful ones like ladybugs and butterflies). So we came home late but washed the bug spray and sunscreen off of our kids, stripping them down to their undies and just sort of standing them in the bath and splashing soap and water over them. Then the hubby passed them to me where I inspected their bodies a 2nd time for ticks. Princess Sparkley had one on her undies. I'd never seen one before but was sure it must be one since it was indestructible. I ended up knocking it onto the floor and crushing it with tweezers. Everyone was tick free. Then today, I was sitting on the floor typing at the computer outside the bathroom door while Buddy took care of some business (but wanted company) when a tick crawled across the laptop just inches from my hand. Ahhh! So now I've vacuumed everywhere that I can. I'd already washed and dried all our clothes but read that washing doesn't kill ticks. And that drying in a hot dryer for an hour should. So now I have to put all our clothes in the dryer. For an hour. Plus now I want to wash all of our sheets since we slept in them last night (and I hate HATE washing my kids sheets because it's so difficult to make a bunk bed), and rewash all the clean clothes that are overflowing from the clean laundry basket that we all walked past on the way to the bathroom in our tick covered clothes. Ahh.

*I saved you all from being scared looking at a real tick. This cartoon tick is much cuter.


Erin said...

I think we made it out without ticks, but this post is freaking me out. Count yourself lucky if none of them actually lodged into you.

Rae said...

My poor nephew was just diagnosed with Lyme Disease yesterday. He has a tick bite on his back with the ring and rash and what not. Scary business!! Definitely good reminders to check for ticks on my kids!

I hope this isn't too nasty but the best way to get rid of a tick is to BURN it. Sorry but it's true. Growing up right outside of Lyme, CT, I know what I'm talkin' about! :)

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