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Monday, May 26, 2008

Highlights from the last little bit

top to bottom/left to right
Buddy graduates from Joy School/Preschool
Baby X's first trip to the zoo (St. Louis)
An adorable baby Somalian Ass (looks like it's half zebra, half donkey)
Ella takes a picture of Buddy and Me
Buddy drives a "tractor"
Princess Sparkley rides a "pony"
Baby X sits in a high chair
Baby X rolls and rolls and rolls
Buddy goes swimming
Princess Sparkley eats a Popsickle (or possibly uses it as lipstick)
Princess Sparkley and Buddy float
Baby X eats rice cereal
Buddy discovers mirrors and watches out the car window
Princess Sparkley swimming
Princess Sparkley's towel hair (like Mommy)
A baby water tower somewhere in Missouri*

*water towers are my new obsession

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