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Thursday, May 08, 2008



When we were first married, my in-laws gave us a bed. It must have been a double sized bed. We only lasted in that bed three and a half months. My husband even slept on the floor some of those nights... and we were newlyweds!! You have to take into account that my husband is 6' 3" (or 75 inches) and a double bed is 75 inches long. And this particular bed was the kind with tall bed posts, a head board and a baseboard. So, squishing two adults into a bed only 15 inches wider than a twin bed, and having one of those adults be the exact length of the bed with no room to hang his feet over an edge, it just didn't work for us.

So we went in the extreme opposite direction. As soon as we could, we moved to a place with a bigger bedroom and purchased a California King sized mattress. It was huge. We'd lay in bed at night and marvel at the fact that we could barely even reach each other. The novelty of that has warn off. It's amazing how even the biggest bed, when sleeping in it for 7 years, can become small, especially when one of us likes to sleep in the middle (we'll both point our finger the other way, so I'll name no names).

All of this is leading to the photo I posted -- the headboard made from doors that I just found on Martha Stewart's website. I've never bought a headboard for this new bed. Not only do I not want to spend a ton of money... I'm not ready to commit to a headboard. I just have never found one that I love, let alone one that I want to commit to for... the rest of my life, until I find another one I love, until I can afford to replace an old headboard with a new one. Etc. Not to mention that I'm not sure what my decorating style is yet. I used to watch TLC's "Trading Spaces" and "While You Were Out" a lot and they did this sort of headboard rather frequently. Usually some sort of board covered with cloth. It involved a nail gun or heavy duty stapler and I was sure if I tried it mine would turn out all frumpy looking. But this, if I actually knew how to use any wood tools, could be pretty cool.


Rachel said...

Lane and I have never had anything BUT a California King. Right from the beginning, it seemed a little snug. And there is no headboard, I quite agree with your sentiments on buying one ... it seems like such a commitment ... I don't know if I'm ready for that level yet.
As for the book club, let me know your e-mail because we're going to do a Yahoo Chat group so we can all comment at the same time. If you feel uncomfortable posting your e-mail on the world wide Web, I have a whole other route we can go. Let me know.

Jamie said...

I have that same headboard taken out from a magazine and in my project binder. I would love to make my own headboard and the instructions for this one seem fairly simple. At least for jake to do, not me! I also like the fabric ones. I would love to make a huge fabric one to fill the ugly giant space on the wall behind our bed. I think it would make our room look so much better.

Nettie said...

That is a great headboard! Go for it!

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