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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Half Priced Slushes

When I first moved to Kansas, I complained about how many Sonic Drive-Ins there were in town. I vaguely remember there being one in Provo when I lived there. But I don't think I ever ate there, as much as I love the idea of an old fashioned drive-in with a car hop, etc. And there were no Sonics anywhere near where I grew up in CA (the closest one to my parents' zipcode in a Sonic locator search is in Tehacapi - so Cristin, go there a lot this summer between 2 and 4). Now I love how many Sonics there are in town because while at my in-laws I saw a commercial for half-priced slushes* and drinks from 2-4 every day at Sonic. Every day! This explains why the one time I stopped there for drinks in Topeka they charged me so much less than I expected. I was there during Happy Hour - Sonic style. And you can bet I'll be there a lot this summer during Happy Hour. Yesterday, me and the kids spent $2.52 on two slushes and a strawberry limeade. Fabulous!! And, for a limited time, their milkshakes are only 99 cents!!

*there are some restrictions. One is that you can't get Cream Slushes, which are my favorite. :(


Erin said...

I agree that it is truly sad that cream slushes aren't included in happy hour. They are so good. Now I am craving one.... BTW, when we moved here I was really disappointed that the Sonics here didn't have happy hour. I thought it was standard everywhere. But I guess it comes and goes.

Cristin said...

This is funny, because I just discovered the happy hour deal a few weeks ago. (That was the first time I went to Sonic since we moved here!) Anyway, I ordered some drink and it tasted like melted popscicle so I threw it away. It was gross. What is good to get at Sonic during happy hour because after that experience I don't know if I'll go back.

Nance said...

Cristin - We asked someone who worked there what their favorite drink was and they said the limeades w/ flavors added.

I just looked on their website, and you can get a flavor add-in added to their slushes. One is vanilla. I might have to try that next time. I'm thinking that the actual real juice slushes would be good (apple or cranberry- except I hate cranberries). I've had orange (good), lemon-berry (okay) and strawberry (good).

Obviously, they don't compare to a Surf City Smoothie or a Jamba Juice. But they are cold and refreshing.

My favorites are the orange cream and strawberry cream slushes... but they aren't part of happy hour. :(

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