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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fritz's Railroad Restaurant

After the baseball game Thursday, we went to this great little restaurant in the Crown Center in Kansas City, MO called Fritz's* where a train brings you your order. We took the kids about a year and a half ago because Buddy LOVES trains. Loves them. Apparently he'd totally forgotten that this restaurant existed and made me promise that if we are ever near there when it's dinner time ever again we need to eat there.

*this link is to their Kansas City, KS location which I've never been to, but it gives you an idea of how it all works. I couldn't find a webpage for the KC, MO location in the Crown Center.

proof that we really did eat there before (11/06)

a few shots from this time
(note: The top left corner is Buddy's interpretation of putting your fist in your mouth and the top right corner is a shot I caught of Princess Sparkely mid-sneeze. She thinks it's hilarious. The bottom, center picture shows an empty restaurant... we were there at 5 PM on a Thursday night, last time we went it was packed and there was a line outside to get in.)

The food isn't great. But the price isn't high either. The milkshakes are pretty good, but aren't brought by train. Don't go expecting a great meal, you're there for the train.

Plus, here's some other family's video of the train bringing the food to your table.


Erin said...

My kids would love that. We really should try it.

Ashby Family said...

We've been to that Fritz's! It is a great restaraunt for the kids. Have you been to the Crayola Store at that Hallmark shopping center? That place is neat too.

100 Percent Cottam said...

that looks SO fun!

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