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Sunday, June 01, 2008


We haven't watched a lot of TV since moving to Kansas almost three years ago. So we're unfamiliar with the local ads. Tonight we were watching Saturday Night Live and saw this commercial that cracked us up. As soon as it ended, my husband said, "You should try to find that commercial on YouTube so you can blog about it." So, here you go. Plus I found this second one that's also hilarious to us.

"If you want true quality it's a quarter for the cart." Ha!


Jamie said...

What fantastic synchronized dancing in the second commercial! So cheesy. And the couple from the first commerical was also in the second-wearing the same clothes. Who doesn't need a cart when they go grocery shopping? I guess that ensures that you bring the cart back-if you get the quarter back when you're done. When I was in Ohio with Jake's aunt, they had to vring their own grocery bags or it cost a nickel per bag and they had to pay .50 cents for a cart. I think that's so weird.

Erin said...

I have never seen a commercial for Aldi! That is hilarious. Well they do have great European chocolate.

Cristin said...

You have to pay for carts like that in Europe - what great commercials!! I want to see more of Aldi: The Musical.

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