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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Breakfast for Dinner

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There was a period of time where we thought my parents were leaving on a mission for our church soon (they thought so too) and we were living with them for a bit before they left and would take care of their house and dog while they were gone. Then my dad got called to be the bishop of their church unit, we scrambled around for a new plan and that's how we ended up in Kansas. Long story short.

My dad is sort of a health nut... a health nut with a weakness for chocolate. He went through a Bran muffin phase when I was in high school where the bran muffin to chocolate chip ratio was about even. He's been on a fish kick for years now. While we lived with them, we ate salmon about once a week. He'd mix it up some, if you are in need of some tastey salmon recipes, talk to me, I've got them. But neither my husband nor I are really fans of fish, so having it weekly was a bit of a chore. My husband tells me on a semi-regular basis that breakfast for dinner is my salmon. Meaning, we have it way too much. [insert whiny voice.] But it's easy. I love it. And the kids love it.

So I try to mix it up. Pancakes, eggs, bacon. Omelets, hash browns, bacon. Fried eggs, french toast, bacon. Aebleskivers, bacon, eggs. Breakfast sandwiches. Etc. Etc. My mom recently sent me a link to this website, which I have fallen in love with. And it recently had this yummy breakfast for dinner alternative (or I guess, just breakfast for breakfast as well): Pop up Pancakes (aka German Pancakes in some circles). Plus, she has a recipe for Strawberry Freezer jam, which I'm totally making this summer.


Erin said...

We probably have a breakfast dinner once a week too, and I am not as creative as you are with that. I do love German pancakes though and haven't made them in a while. Great idea. I also LOVE strawberry freezer jam. It is so easy and tastes better than canned. I would love some good salmon recipes. Fish (any kind) is maybe the only dinner that Lydia and Ethan both love. I really should cook it more often. That new family picture on your sidebar is darling.

Jamie said...

We love brinner! We usually do german pancakes or regular pancakes. I love homemade jam. I would love to find a good freezer recipe that doesn't use pectin and or sugar. I don't know if that's possible. I love the makes and takes website.

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