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Saturday, May 24, 2008


We got a babysitter tonight and went out for a wild and exciting night of:
1) dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town I've always wanted to eat at
2) a quick shopping trip to Target.

Like I said, wild and exciting.

It's super rare that we hire babysitters. In California, we had two sets of grandparents, and two sets of aunts and uncles. I think we actually paid a babysitter once. Now, we visit my in-laws who have since moved to St. Louis about once a month, so we do a date night then. But every once in awhile, we do hire a babysitter* and it makes me think back to my own babysitting days.

You need to understand that I'm the youngest child in my family... by 6 1/2 years. Until my own nieces and nephews were born when I was 18 years old, I didn't really want to have anything to do with babies or small children. Yet people still tried to get me to babysit for them, and my mom would only help me out with an excuse for why I couldn't babysit every once in awhile.

My first time babysitting I hardly remember. All I can recall is that it was one of my teacher's from church. It seems like she had two kids, one of which was a baby, and I had to feed that baby a bottle and change it's diaper. I believe that was the first time I did either of those things.

The second time I babysat it was for two families at one house. The oldest of the kids were just a few years younger than me. The power went out, we went outside to investigate and one of the kids shut the door... locking us out. We then had to borrow a flashlight from a neighbor and try to break in. I think we finally found a door or window that wasn't locked and one of the kids had to crawl through it. Lots of fun (note the sarcasm).

The third time I babysat was for our next door neighbor's. They must have been desperate because we were only on a "wave from the car" level of acquaintance. I agreed because I felt sorry for them, and I wanted to see the inside of the massive mansion they'd built and I'd only heard rumors of an Olympic-size swimming pool. Nothing went horribly except for the kids walking all over me with the bending of rules.

Then I grew up, got married and had kids of my own. What was I thinking? I mean, I'm surprised my kids have survived as long as they have.

*I'm a tiny bit paranoid about hiring babysitters because my sister-in-law babysat all the time and always tells us stories about going through the mom's underwear drawers and reading their risque romance novels once the kids were in bed.


Jamie said...

Ick. I've always been annoyed by kids. I a youngest too. The first grandkid came when I was 17. And I rarely babysat if I could help it. And when I did it was disastrous like your story of being locked out. I still have no clue what i'm doing or what's considered normal kid behavior and those feelings of "ick" come back to haunt me often. I majored in MFHD, but I don't know if that helped any.

Rae said...

I don't think date night is ever complete without a mad dash to Target to buy diapers!

Cristin said...

Erik also thinks the babysitters we hire go through our drawers - I'm like so what if they do? Not too exciting.

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