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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wax Paper

When I was driving from California to Arizona with my parents last month, my mom was reading the Heloise Hints or some similar section of the paper when she came across something that cracked her up. She shared. It cracked me up as well. One woman's hint was that she saves money on wax paper by saving cereal bags when the cereal is gone and washing them. As you can tell, my mom and I are not the thriftiest of people. Part of the hilarity in this is that my mom has a box of wax paper squares she must have bought at Costco 10 years ago that is still going strong. I don't know the exact price at my local grocery store, but I found it for sale online here for $1.42. So now, every time I'm throwing away an empty box of cereal I have to laugh thinking about washing the wax paper bag and saving it.

*While trying to find the exact "hint" in a web search I found a lot of useful purposes for cereal bags that you couldn't do with just regular wax paper (ie: crushing up cornflakes or potato chips--- since they rip through regular and freezer ziplock bags). So maybe I was too quick in my laughter, but I'm still not sure I'd ever find myself washing out a cereal bag.


Ashby Family said...

washing cereal bags -- wow!

Cristin said...

Seriously - how much would that cereal bag thing save you? $10 a year? That is so dumb. Some things are not worth it.

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