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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


image from flickr

Remember back in elementary school when recess was your favorite part of the day. And even if it wasn't, if you secretly liked Language Arts or Science, you still said recess so you could pretend to be cool. I'm on a recess break right now.

To get her to agree to be home schooled, we had to promise Princess Sparkley that she could still have "recess." I'm not sure how she even knew about recess, having never been to school, it must just be part of being a kid. So we've done Language Arts and Science for the day and still have to get through Math, Art and Phonics. And it's almost time to start dinner. Today has been one of those days.

First I had to get the four of us ready to go before 9 AM. A task I try to avoid. Due to the extreme windiness we drove my husband to school rather than making him ride his bike through a wind tunnel. After dropping him off, we picked up my visiting teaching companion and headed out of town to visit a woman for the first time. Then, since Ice Cream Alice 2 died last night, a trip to Walmart (because they have fish supplies AND fabric- - see, I'm multitasking) to buy a supply of everything I read about here, to try to save St. Louis Race Car, who was exhibiting similar symptoms. While at Walmart we have to get fabric for Buddy's reward for being fully, cross my fingers, *potty trained, (*warning, this link includes a picture of poop) I'm supposed to sew him something out of this race car fabric we saw at Hancock Fabric forever ago. I thought I'd seen the same fabric on a Walmart trip, and probably cheaper. So we checked, and it wasn't there. But there was another race car fabric. And he liked it. Success.

image from flickr
In History last week Princess Sparkley learned about Theodore Roosevelt and how the teddy bear was named for him and we make construction paper bears. She wanted to make a fabric one and had decided that when we got the race car fabric, we needed to get fabric for her bear as well. Then, just because it was such great fabric I bought some polka dotty flannel for who knows what. I held back all urges to buy the greatest fabric for my future apron because I don't have the pattern yet (I'm bidding on it on ebay) and I don't know how much fabric I'll actually need. So I've added another stack of fabric to the too much fabric I already own and more sewing projects I don't have time to sew.

Then home where it turned into a feed the starving baby/save the dying fish frenzy. I'm happy to report that the baby is full and napping, and the dying fish seems to be moving around a bit more. AND, we've accomplished 3 of 5 school lessons. But now recess is over, all I've accomplished is a scatterbrained blog post, and now the craziness must begin again.


Ashby Family said...

Is that a picture of your sewing closet? It's so "pretty" and organized.

Nance said...

sadly, no. my fabric is shoved in rubbermaid boxes under beds and in closets.

this picture is from flikr. i decided i should try to avoid using images that are probably copyrighted.

Erin said...

Nancy, I am amazed you manage to get so much done!! Way to go on recess--it is an integral part of the school day. You are really going to have to read "Sammy's Hill" because she has a series of beta fish that die. It is a theme in both books. I gave the books back to my sister or I would lend them to you. BTW, I made Nathan ride in the wind. But he had to take a different route to avoid being blown over.

Malissa said...

I can't believe how many of the "arch house" roommates homeschool! It's a pleasant suprise! We do too, and so does Karen.

Sorry to hear that your fish died... again. Brooklynn's pet snail, Barry, is almost dead. I'm 95% sure that if a snail hasn't moved for 36 hours, its life is over. I'm not sure how to break the news to her. The last few days we've been coloring snail worksheets off of enchanted learning and drawing sketches of Barry with the help of a drawing book. She carries him around in a jar from room to room and sleeps with him next to her bed. Might not be to sanitary anymore. Poor Barry:(

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