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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One of those people

Back when I was in college, I was leaving Target one windy day and just as I got to my car a van full of crazy little kids pulled up next to my car and as one of the kids opened the door the wind caught it and blew it into the side of my car. It took off some paint and left a dent, but only about the size of a dime. The mom was super apologetic. I felt sorry for them. I told them it was no big deal, don't worry about it. It was fine. It had been more wind than kid anyway. But I've always remembered that experience.

I've turned into that mom. No, my kids didn't open our car door into another car, but really, it's only a matter of time. I was that other mom. The one circling her way through the store with the screaming kid throwing the world's largest tantrum. My kid was screaming hysterically while chanting "I want that excavator truck." At least it was Walmart, so I was sort of among that element of screaming kids. I tried to smile at people sending them a friendly, "Yeah, my kid is annoying me too" vibe.

So, I just want to publicly thank Princess Sparkley and Baby X for their excellent behavior in the midst of chaos.

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