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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mom's Day

An announcement from Hallmark--
Mother's Day is May 11th.

As I'm already obsessed with Etsy (so many talented people making all the crafts I can only dream of creating with my own hands), I searched there first for Mother's necklaces. Sort of more for me than for my own mom, but then I know we're going to have more kids than we have now, so I can't actually get my very own without it being out of date someday. And having been the final kid in a family who had to stick their tiny wallet sized school picture in the corner of the massive, portrait painting of the family picture (minus me), I don't want any tail end of the family kids to feel left out. But, I found these great finds that I would LOVE to own... someday.


Ashby Family said...

Ooooh, Good Finds! I love Mother's jewelry and sentimental gifts.

Jamie said...

I love all those. Especially the last one.

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