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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hundreds of Books, Thousands of Books, Millions and Billions and Trillions of Books!

In case you hadn't caught on, I like to read. And my husband likes to read. Needless to say, we own a lot of books. And I mean A LOT! I can remember buying my first bookshelf when I was in college and being so proud of my little book collection. It has grown. I would venture to say that my husband's books out number mine, but if you count the children's books as mine... it's close.

When we were first married we had a rule: For every book we bought, we had to put money into a jar and that would eventually pay for a new bookshelf. It didn't work so well. And while we've been very good about using the library more in the past few years, our book collection is in fact out of control. We have one giant bookshelf full of books. Another, smaller one mostly filled with books (and my husband's folded map collection). Then we have two entire bookshelves filled to capacity with kid's books. And if we clear out the box of books that each of our kids keeps in their bed to look at after bedtime, there's no where to put them. That's not counting the twelve or so boxes of books currently residing in my in-law's basement in St. Louis. Or the two boxes of fancy books decorating my brother-in-law's built in bookshelves. Yikes.

Yet our local library is having a book sale, and today is the day when you can buy an entire bag of books for $5. You can't expect us not to go. The problem is, not only do we all like to read, we all like books. Love them in fact. But were will we put them all?


wendys said...

We suffer from the same problem! I can't seem to persuade my hubby to use the library!

Ashby Family said...

I find the best book cases at garage sales. I imagine one day that you will build a home that will have a library that looks like Belle's from "Beauty & the Beast" movie.

Nance said...

that would be my dream. (she has a ladder, right?)

Erin said...

Darn, I wanted to go to that booksale. I forgot. I guess there is always next year.

Ashby Family said...

and if you sing the ladder will take you all around the room!

P.S. You will love Enchanted...it's hilarious. Buy it and watch it after the kids are in bed. What's wrong with previewing your daughter's reward?

Malissa said...

I have had the reverse problem. I relied too much on the library for children's books and I have paid ENORMOUS amounts in fines. So, a few months ago, I finally came to the conclusion that I'm DONE checking out books and I'm only going to buy books. I've filled an entire bookcase in 2 months. Yikes! They add up quickly. I'm in trouble. I've only got one more bookcase I can rearrange and fill.

sylvia said...

Have you ever read the book "Ex Libris"? It is a wonderful exploration of this very topic. You will love it and smile at the many similarities you will find with its author whom I can't remember at the moment.

We had to build an entire wall of book shelves to hold our books and it still isn't enough but I love being able to go, choose, and read. Cicero said, "a room without books is a room without a soul." And so it goes! Good luck.

Erin said...

I saw this series of pictures on a blog and thought of you and all your books. http://kellymccaleb.typepad.com/my_happy_little_life/2008/03/living-with-boo.html

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