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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kitchen Gadget Obsession

I'm obsessed with kitchen gadgets. I think I get it from my mom. While she wasn't the main cook in my family for most of my growing up life that I remember, she always made sure we had the newest or best kitchen tools. I can remember how excited she was when she found out there was such a thing as a cherry pitter and how we hunted it down, even though once we owned it, it was rarely used. We also had a tiny little contraption for ridding strawberries of their stems, and this long, tong like thing for shaping a taco while it deep fried. A few Thanksgivings ago my mom and I found what I can only describe as a pizza cutter for crescent rolls, sort of like this. You rolled out the dough, then you rolled this contraption over it and it cut your dough into multiple triangles for you to then roll up. So I love fun gadgets like this.

I think it was this love of all things cooking that attracted me to being a Pampered Chef consultant for a very short time... just long enough to earn hundreds of dollars worth of free products. Yippee.

What are the latest kitchen gadgets I want? Well, they aren't so much gadgets, but here's my list:

Rival White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer/Maker

I love homemade ice cream and have never had any success making it. There is a couple from church who always bring the yummiest varieties of homemade ice cream to any church activity so I made my husband ask them what kind of ice cream maker they used. Someday, I want one.

Footed Cake Platter w/ Dome

Because a cake needs a great presentation. My mom has one of these. They just look nice.

Tall Mousse or Parfait Glasses

For smoothies and milk shakes and mousse. Yum

Soda spoons

To reach the bottom of the glass when eating milkshakes, root beer floats, etc.


Because Marta raves about them on her blog so much.


Ashby Family said...

Might I suggest an electric ice cream maker...quicker, and not so pianful to make.

Erin said...

It is great to have kitchen gadgets if you have a huge kitchen with lots of cupboard space. otherwise they sit in the basement...

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