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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pet Fish

I've promised my kids some pet fish for quite awhile now.

I stalled them by getting us pet plants to see if we could keep them alive. Meet...



Friday we finally got two male Betta fish. Meet...

Ice Cream Alice [our last name]

[Buddy's real first name] St. Louis Race Car Macaroni and Cheese [our last name]

*sadly we woke up this morning to find that Ice Cream Alice had passed away. Any advice on how to keep Bettas alive??


Ashby Family said...

Love the names.

the doze said...

I had two goldfish as a kid. Their names were Bo and Luke. Can you guess which hit 1980's TV show I was a fan of?

Erin said...

HI I saw your blog through a friends, I hope you don't mind me commenting...I've just had betas in college.

If a beta dies almost immediately you can usually go back and get another one for free. If you call the pet store they can let you know. Sometimes they are already sick and No one can tell. I would doubt you guys did anything wrong. Other than that they are fairly tough fish. Just use the right amount of the water treatment, and feed them a bit each day. Oh and if your house gets over 110 degrees inside... they really don't work well in hot water :( :P

wendys said...

I'm guessing the kids picked the names! They are great! I've never had a beta so I don't have any advice to give sorry! Did you pretend the fish was alive and secretly buy a new one before the kids found out the truth?

Nance said...

Wendy- it was Sunday. We couldn't pull the new fish from the store way out. Although I had made plans of leaving money with our fish sitters if our fish ever died when we were out of town. Princess Sparkley took it well, just said maybe we'd wait to get a new one when it was a little warmer... the coldness was one of my excuses for putting off buying the fish for so long.

Erin-thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the betta advice. St. Louis Race Car Macaroni and Cheese still seems to be doing fine, so maybe Ice Cream Alice was sick.

100 Percent Cottam said...

i was just asking for tips on killing our first beta last week! :) so happy to have found your blog, you are a HOOT! yes, sam is my brother in law. he just got married in february to the sweetest girl in the world.

are you loving pope joan?! it's one of my favorites. also, love that you own an acre of the moon and hope you get that rock in the ocean someday.

can't wait to try your wings recipe - i'm pregnant and dying of starvation at all times. that sounds like a snack to keep on hand.

i'll checking back often! :)

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