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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Electronic Pet Peeve

My husband forwarded this article to me today. I totally agree with this guy, think he's hilarious and wish I could have written the article myself.


Jamie said...

Haha. that was a good article. I feel the SAME EXACT way. We got rid of our cell phones about 2 years ago now and I love it. Of course, I notice the inconvenience sometimes, mostly when it comes to getting in touch with my husband, but if we get cells again, it will be for that purpose only. I remember life before cells and was life really all that hard? Sure, inconvenient sometimes when you are supposed to meet your mom at a certain spot at a certain time at the mall and one of you hasn't shown up yet and a couple of hours later you find that you misunderstood where they wanted to meet and they end up paging you over the intercom. But other than that, I notice a lot more peace in my life. I don't always have to take a call or make a call and I like a slower pace of life.

Speaking of the ear piece thingies. One time I went to the grocery store on a Saturday morning, and there was a couple there with 4 kids. They had one of those kid carts that are shaped like a car and they've got a couple kids crammed in there, and 2others hanging on the side of the cart, and they were both having separate conversations on their ear pieces, eyes totally glazed over like they had no idea where they were or that there were 4 kids hanging like monkeys on their cart. That was about the time I decided to get rid of phones and tv. Sure saving a buck or 2 was part of it, but I do not want to be like that with a stupid ear piece!! This world has become so impersonal enough as it is. I mean, now we talk to machines on the phone and push buttons and answer yes or no or state our concerns to a Machine on the phone. There is no personal interaction any more. Those automated things never work for me anyway and you end up wanting to go crazy. Usually it picks up the kids screaming in the background so it says something like, "I'm sorry, I didn't understand your last request". Technology. A love-hate relationship.

wendys said...

That is funny!

JT said...

All of my friends abide by strict cell phone rules. One of which is that we don't have to answer them. More importantly, we never answer the cell phone at a restaurant. I completely agree about ear pieces being useful in the car, but otherwise, I won't be friends with a person who looks like they belong in a bad sci-fi movie all the time.

Nance said...

the thing about the earpieces that bugs me the most... well, there isn't just one thing. but one of the numerous annoying things about them is the constant flashing. and worse is that the person wearing them can't see the constant flashing that's driving everyone else nuts. why do they flash?!?

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

They flash because if they just wore a button that said, "I'm a ginormous tool" it wouldn't get as much attention.

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