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Monday, April 07, 2008

College Town

This is the thing about living in a college town... everyone is obsessed with said college. We moved here in September 2005 and my daughter's Christmas list that year included a Jayhawk sweatshirt and necklace. Keep in mind, that until that August we had no intentions of moving to Kansas anytime soon, let alone Lawrence, our kids had no idea what a Jayhawk was.

So every once in awhile I end up at the grocery store on game day and feel a bit out of place. Everyone... and I mean EVERYONE is dressed in KU apparel. The customers, the cashiers, the baggers. Everyone... but me.

Today I ended up at the grocery store, on a HUGE game day. And because my husband and kids insisted, we were all dressed in KU apparel today. Finally I fit in. But I'm not sure I liked it. It was a bit strange. But at the same time there was this "Go KU" camaraderie among the shoppers.

So... GO KU!


Cristin said...

Speaking of obsessed, when we lived in Provo, and keep in mind, I wasn't going to school there, I had no clue when game days were taking place. I would be driving across town and be stuck in traffic for 45 minutes or more just to go 2 miles, and then I would see all these nuts in BYU garb and be like, "Oh... I should get out more."

Ashby Family said...

Way to Conform!

Erin said...

I felt so out of place yesterday and today because none of us were wearing KU apparel. The teachers probably think I am a terrible mother. Today Lydia came home from school saying "Maybe I could get a jersey with Brandon Rush's number 25 on it". What? You know who Brandon Rush is and his number? Wow. Of course we are thrilled that they won. I guess it is time to fork over the money for some championship shirts! or better yet, I can just imagine Lydia wearing that basketball jersey to school!

Kate Lorraine said...

So fun to see a picture of your family! You all look great!

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