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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Buddy's Birthday Party!

In birthday parties for my kids, I try to go with the
simplest party that still looks like a lot of effort went into it.

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Basically everyone brought sand toys and the kids played in the sand and colored with sidewalk chalk. Then we ate "dirt" (brownies) in the back of a dump truck, an idea I got from here. Each kid took home a sand castle bucket that was 99 cents from Target.


Ashby Family said...

Very good idea. I remember you saying how much he loves trucks. That was a great way to incorporate things he loves and have fun with friends. I think it is ridiculous when people spend astronomical amounts of money on party's for their kids. I read an article on CNN where people were getting so out of control that a family spent $10,000 on a 2 yr. olds party - UNREAL!!

If I had an extra 10,000 bucks I can think of a million better things to spend it on than 2 yr. old kids who went remember the dumb party!!

Jamie said...

my fingers are getting tired from making all these comments!

Very cute idea and it doesn't sound like you spent much money at all! Cute and I bet Buddly and all his friends loved it. Maybe i'll steel this idea for Liam next year, except it's a January birthday. Cold outside.

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