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Monday, April 14, 2008

# 2

Due to the passing of Ice Cream Alice, we would now like to introduce...

Ice Cream Alice 2

I can't even believe the difference between Ice Cream Alice 1 and Ice Cream Alice 2. This fish swims all over. And it even seems to have livened up Buddy's fish, whose name is too long to type. I think we showed up in the pet store this time on the day they got all new Bettas because let me tell you, the first time we had to tap on all their little containers to make sure they weren't dead, and this time they were all swimming around like crazy. Hopefully Ice Cream Alice 2 will be with us for awhile because next on the list of pets my kids want are: birds, a cat, a puppy, a pony. The unfortunate part of all of this is that now Buddy wants his fish to die so he can get a new one. Apparently a huge part of the fun of having a pet fish is going to the store, picking out a fish, buying it, and bringing it home. After just one week they no longer need to "kiss" the fish goodnight. The novelty has warn off. If I had only known, we could have just "adopted" a fish that we visited on occasion at its home at PetCo.

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