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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Movie Review: I Am Legend

My husband IMed me from work yesterday to see if I wanted to get the movie I Am Legend from Redbox last night to watch after the kids were in bed. I agreed. All I really knew about this movie going into it was that it starred Will Smith and seemed along the lines of Independence Day - - a huge, action packed, end of the world sort of movie. Which I guess, it sort of was. I wasn't extremely happy about it once it started because all of the silence in the movie indicated to me that at any second something loud and really scary was going to happen... sort of like in The 6th Sense when all of a sudden that ghost walks pass and freaks everyone in the theater out. I wasn't completely wrong. But I also wasn't completely scared by this movie. So I was surprised when we read about it on Wikipedia as the closing credits rolled (our new habit when we watch a movie) that it is described as a post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film. If that had been the description on the back of the box (which we didn't have since redbox doesn't do boxes), or I had read that description on Wikipedia before watching the movie, I probably would not have watched it, or at least dreaded it. That being said, I liked this movie. I'm more of a romantic comedy sort of girl along with dramas (which this sort of is, I guess), but definitely not a fan of horror. And, The X-Files aside, not really Science Fiction either. But I'd give this movie 4.5 stars. And I totally love that Will Smith has gone from that goofy rapper with huge ears on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to a top grossing Hollywood movie star. Love it!


Cristin said...

Did you see the alternate ending? I thought it was much better than the one in the movie.

Nance said...

really? we didn't watch the alternate ending, but read about it on wikipedia and we both agreed that the real ending was much better.

i can't imagine why we didn't watch the alt. ending. it must not have been on our disc because normally, brandon has us watch every deleted scene, etc. so a two hour movie takes 3 1/2.

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