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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mother to One

I've been the mother to only one for about 4 1/2 hours now. You see, Baby X and I are flying to Los Angeles (where my entire family lives) and then driving to Phoenix, to see my bestest friend, Angela, get married in the Mesa Arizona Temple. Unfortunately, my husband's Spring Break is not until next week, and the wedding is this Saturday. Besides, Spring Break for him just means no school and lots of overtime work. So Princess Sparkley and Buddy got shipped to Grandma and Grandpa's in St. Louis. Not really shipped, we drove a bit over an hour, Grandma drove about three, and we met at a mall "in the middle." Basically we drove to Missouri and a bit further east and she drove across the entire state of Missouri. But she picked the meeting spot, not me.

I love my kids and wouldn't trade them for anything, but being mother to only one is SO MUCH easier.

My backseat is not overcrowded.

I can play whatever music I want, sing loudly, and not have to turn the volume down every 30 seconds to answer a question.

I drove in peace. My kids ask about a billion questions a minute. I realized this last week when I was sick, had a sore throat and couldn't talk. They ask questions nonstop!

Running errands at Target was super easy. One kid out of the car, one kid into a cart, one kid back into the car. And he slept the whole time. Fabulous.

I guess I'd forgotten what it was like when it was just me and Princess Sparkley hanging out, running errands and stuff before Buddy came along. But lately, this three kids going everywhere I go thing has been getting a bit hectic. So this is a nice little vacation... for all of us, they're living it up at Grandma's, getting spoiled and maybe I'll get to nap whenever the baby naps like I want. I just won't mention that the only kid is a newborn who just had poop explode out the back of his diaper, all the way up to his shoulder blades. (Which, CRISTIN, I didn't take a picture of to post.) I'll pretend that didn't happen and continue thinking this is easy.


Cristin said...

First - thanks for the reminder that my life is about to get a whole lot tougher real fast when Baby #2 comes.

Second - What's wrong with you? You're losing steam. Poop pictures = controversy. Remember?

wendys said...

Congratulations to Angela! I hope you have a fun trip and baby X starts keeping the poo in the diapers.

Rachel said...

So easy! Even two makes things complicated. I can't imagine how 3 will be....

Steve Almond has a BLOG? Yipee! I've got to check it out.

PS. I listed my stuff on Etsy and sold two aprons! Now I have put some kids play pants up there. I hope to make a little more $!
Thanks for the tip!

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