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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holiday Burnout

I have this advice for anyone reading my blog who doesn't have kids or has really young kids... don't go overboard with the holiday thing until they are old enough to care. I think I've carved a pumpkin every Halloween, even in college, even when newly married, even with a tiny new baby. Now I'm wondering why.

It hit me yesterday when my kids reminded me we needed to get egg dye for our Easter eggs that I'm totally burned out in regards to holidays. And now is when my kids are way into it. They didn't care about dying eggs their first or second Easters, when I was way into it for the pictures and just because the holidays are so much more exciting when there are kids around to enjoy it. The thought of having to dye eggs today just about threw me into a deep depression, but we did it, being only slightly paranoid about our table, floor and children being dyed bright spring colors. Now the Easter Bunny just has to come hide them. And then he has to stuff candy into plastic eggs. And hide them. And fill the baskets. And then the kids will wake up tomorrow and want to hunt for them. This was way easier when "the Easter Bunny" was someone else.


Erin said...

This is such great advice Nancy. Fortunately, I haven't set the standards very high for Easter. I have always been to lazy to die eggs and usually just let them color them with crayons or markers. This was the first year they actually dyed eggs and it was because they did it with friends. I also don't do the easter bunny and make the kids help me stuff. Everything is hard with a baby. It will be easier next year.

the doze said...

Great advice! No need to waste all of that time and energy just to snap a few pictures. That's what Photoshop is for.

Jamie said...

Especially of late, I do not have the energy to do all that it takes to make celebrations of any kind special. Easter, birthdays, St. Patrick's Day, etc. I always think I'm going to do something funnish and I never do and then I feel like it might be a big disappointment, etc., but we didn't dye eggs or anything, and luckily someone else invited us over to have an egg hunt. If that hadn't happenened, I would've officially ruined easter.

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