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Sunday, March 02, 2008

FYI: Cadbury Mini Eggs*

For those of you as obsessed with candy/Cadbury chocolates/chocolate in general... Cadbury Mini Eggs** are back in stores for Easter. AND, if you happen to have a Sam's Club membership, or a good friend who does, you can buy a 42 ounce bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Woo hoo. Two years in a row now I've accidentally gone to Sam's Club*** when they've had their Easter candy out and found this delicious treasure.

*Thank you to Cecily for introducing me to Cadbury Mini Eggs on our Colorado Road Trip of 1998 or 1999 or somewhere thereabouts.

**These aren't the chocolate eggs wrapped in foil that look like real egg whites and yolks when bitten into, these are candy coated, Cadbury chocolate eggs, similar to the Peanut Butter M&M egg (also in stores now) in size.

***Our Sam's Club is in Topeka, about 45 minutes away, so we don't make the trip too often.


AshbyFamily said...

You can order them online too!

Erin said...

How are these better than the regular size eggs (which I love)? Are they like the Christmas balls?

Nance said...

erin- yes, they are exactly like the Christmas balls except egg shaped and pastel.

Erin said...

makes me want to go to Sam's club! Maybe we should carpool. Or I will just pick you up a bag next time I am there.

Nance said...

I already got my bag... I haven't opened it yet or none will survive until Easter. Good thing Easter is early this year. :)

Jen said...

OH my... I LOVE THESE! They are an obsession. so happy to see we share the same love! :)

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