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Friday, March 21, 2008

Food Obsession

I thought it was sort of funny in college when my trips home to California revolved around food and which restaurants I needed to eat at on my trip. And then I was going home 3-4 times a year. So maybe it's less fun and more sad that even for this short trip home, when I'd actually only be in CA for twoish days, I still had a mental list of where to eat.

In my college days, my list was as follows:
Somis Market & Cafe
In N Out Burger
California Pizza Kitchen (there didn't used to be any in Utah, and we live near one now)

Sometimes it would include:
Surf City Smoothie
The Habit
Ottavio's (has the yummiest penne and eggplant dish... mmm)
Sal's Mexican Restaurant (okay food, crap location, yummiest salsa)

This trip I ate:
a combo burrito from Somis Market
a Double Double w/ no onions from In N Out
a strawberry banana smoohie from Surf City
a basket of strawberries from the strawberry stand by the church (best ever)
AND as a bonus, right by ASU and my BFF's house is a Gandolfo's deli (one of my must stops when in Utah)


wendys said...

mmm food. I love Gandolfo's too.

Jamie said...

So was it all as good as you remember? Any let downs?

Nance said...

Jamie- Of course. All so yummy.

Cristin said...

You sound like me when I went to Provo last time. My whole trip revolved around food - Sam hawk (the Korean restuarant), Tucanos, Cafe Rio , etc.

I also love the Habit.

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