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Friday, February 29, 2008

Life Dreams

So one of my life dreams is to own a pumpkin patch. I'm not sure why. I guess I never grew out of that little kid love for going to the pumpkin patch on school fieldtrips. Maybe I just love Autumn and all the bright, vibrant fall colors. Plus I sort of like the idea of a farm (just not the idea of farm work*), and this seems like the most fun a farm could be. We could have a little petting zoo, with only the smaller, friendlier of farm animals (I'm a little spooked by horses and cows with their giant eyes starring you down). We'd of course have sheep, but English looking sheep with black faces and white coats, those are my favorite. And we could have ducks and chicken, and maybe geese (although they are pretty mean, aren't they?) Maybe goats and alpacas. And we could have a cute donkey like this:

*A few months back Princess Sparkley decided she wanted a pony. But she wouldn't quite say it unless there was some way she could get out of having to be the one to clean up its poop. It was pretty funny.


Jamie said...

One of my life dreams is to live on a farm (except for cleaning the whole poo thing as well) and to own a bed and breakfast. sigh.

Nance said...

oh oh, i forgot about wanting to own a bed and breakfast. although when i think of having strangers sort of living in my home and having to deal with them, etc. not so much. maybe just an really cool, remodeled, updated, Victorian home. Lawrence has a ton of these on old brick roads. :)

AshbyFamily said...

We have an awesome pumpkin patch here if you are ever in Nor Cal for the fall!

Lawrence does have a lot of pretty Victorian Homes.

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