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Friday, January 18, 2008

Waiting for Baby

*the above book is a great book by the way for little kids (or parents) waiting for a new baby to come.

Well... I can't really think of anything to post about. But I figure if I'm silent too long, you'll all start assuming it's because I've actually given birth. I haven't. I thought for sure it would be yesterday. I had a doctor's appointment and she stripped my membranes (I've made that a link so if you don't know what it is, you can find out. But I'm not going to force you to read about it if you have a queasy stomach). With my son, I was barely dilated (again with a link, I don't want to make you read all the details of childbirth if you don't want to, you may never have children of your own) when my doctor stripped my membranes and my son was born six hours later, only 90 minutes after arriving at the hospital, dilated at a three upon arrival (ten is when you push the baby out). But alas, it was not meant to be. I'm due on Tuesday, and sadly, I had to make an appointment for the week after my last one, so I officially have an appointment for three days AFTER my due date. That is a bit depressing. But my doctor was nice enough to assure me that I probably wouldn't be keeping that appointment. But she's probably just used to appeasing big, fat pregnant ladies who are grumpy and uncomfortable.

In other news, I talked to a girl today that is 30 weeks pregnant and has only gained 6 pounds. Talk about depressing. She's like 7 months pregnant and not even showing. She looks like she's got a bit of a tummy. Not like she's pregnant. I actually thought she'd possibly had a miscarriage because I knew she was just a couple of months behind me and every time I'd seen her she wasn't showing. SIX POUNDS. At 30 weeks her baby should be approximately 3 pounds, so on top of that she's gained 3 more additional pounds. MOST pregnant women at 30 weeks have gained between 19-25 pounds.

When I was pregnant with my son, my husband worked with a girl who was pregnant with her second child as well. She gained 15 pounds total. She'd always check with my husband to see how much I'd gained. He never knew and would just make up numbers, usually close to her own. What a nice husband!

I'm not complaining about how much I've gained. I've been happy with how much weight I've gained and lost with each pregnancy (cross my fingers), I'm just shocked and amazed when I hear about people who gain so little.


Rachel said...

N, I'm sending water-breaking thought's your way. I empathize completely. The whole "stripping membranes" thing worked for me both time. Hope it happens soon.

Who's your doctor there? I loved my Doc so much in KS, I offered to move her here, just so she could deliver my second-born. She politely declined (Joy Murphy).
Let us know when it happens!!

wendys said...

Good luck with that baby coming! Tiff doesn't gain much weight with her pregnancies so I figure I'm just gaining a little extra to make up for her.

Nance said...

Joy Murphy is actually my doctor. I remember now that someone mentioned that you had her as a doctor and loved her. I really like her. I'll wait until after the delivery to decide if I love her or not. She's also my kids' pediatrician. I was really sad leaving CA because of my OBGYN and our pediatrician. They were great. But so far Dr. Murphy has been great.

Nance said...

Wendy- we need to get Tiff to start a blog. It would be very entertaining to read about her view on things. How's she handling TWO little ones?

wendys said...

I would love it if Tiff or any of my family would start blogging! Her little ones sure keep her on her toes. She just potty trained Amy. I think she is a great mom but she feels overwhelmed a lot of the time!

Cristin Lassen said...

Yeah, thanks for posting. I really do keep thinking, "Oh maybe she had the baby." Anyway, don't get depressed about going late. What's a due date, anyway? Just a guess.

I've gained 27 pounds and I'm 27 weeks. How do people only gain 15 lbs? I don't get it. I feel fat.

I expect you to be blogging while you are in labor.

Nance said...

Cristin- we actually have a laptop and subscribe to the city wide wireless internet, so I could blog from the hospital. I actually thought about bringing my webcam and filming the baby (after the birth, of course) for my family. But I plan for a very short stay at the hospital and will just do all that when I get home.

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