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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Spider Pig

My husband is a huge fan of The Simpsons. We own each available season on dvd, and the movie. My kids have seen select episodes and select scenes. They think it's great. I'm not especially proud that they know who Homer and Bart are. But it's not worth the battle with them and my husband. They've seen this scene from the movie (on youtube before the movie came out and on the movie now that we own it) where Homer dances his pet pig on the ceiling singing "Spider Pig" more times than I can count. While at Walmart (yes, I shop at Walmart) the other day, a boy, probably about 7, walked past me with his mom singing the "Spider Pig" song. Sadly, I'm pretty sure he's seen the whole movie, not just the one scene. Based on the fact that we were at Walmart, and that it was a Saturday night, he's probably scene much worse.

My husband was telling me a story about a man he works with, who, when he gets to the end of the day feels like he's being a crap parent, leaves the kids with his wife and runs to Walmart at 11 o'clock at night. That made me laugh.


Jamie said...

Ha. Jake loves the Spider Pig song. I have to say that I never saw the Simpsons much until I was in college. Even then I only saw a few episodes. My favorite episode of all time is when Homer is kidnapped by someone named Snakes I think? And Snakes is making him drive and he says something like, "Shutup or I'll pistol whip ya". Then Homer's mind cloud is envisioning a tub of cool whip and he's dipping a pistol into it and licking it saying, "Mmmm. Pistol Whip." I've never gotten over that. I wish I could see it again. But I don't know what season or what episode. Maybe you guys could help me out.

Walmart! Crazy things happen at Walmarts everywhere! But I have to say, when we lived in Kansas City, MO. that was by far the weirdest Walmart we had ever been to. I love Walmart stories. I can only imagine what you see in KS. :)

Nance said...

Brandon looked it up for me for you, it's on a season not yet released on dvd (season 13, they're up to 10). "A hunka hunka Burns in love," aired Dec. 2, 2001. I bet it's on youtube or something.

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