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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sewing for the baby

This has sort of turned into a photo journal documenting my sewing history... sorry to bore.

When my mom's mom died, I inherited her sewing machine. Until my son was born, I'd never used it. Then it died... well, it's not dead, it's just too expensive to fix right now. So for Christmas three years ago, I received a new one. It's my job in the family to sew now.

Other than the bad experience in fifth grade or so learning to sew, I didn't really sew again until just before my son was born. My mom and I found these baby blankets at a crafty boutique sort of store that were just two 1 yard squares of flannel sewn together. We figured that together, we could make these simple baby blankets.

It started out simple enough. I made one for my sister whose baby was due two months before my son. Then one for my sister-in-law whose baby was due a few days before mine (but was actually born two days later). Then one for my son. Then little baby blankets for dolls.

Left: Carson's (teddy bear toile and navy/white stripes)
Center: Mark's (farm and blue/white stripes)
Right: baby Buddy sleeping on his (navy blue with light blue stars and light blue)

Then burp cloth versions. The burp cloth versions are what my son currently has as his "blankeys" that he can't sleep without. Although there were first four that he liked. Now we are down to two. One is "good blankey," the other is "bad blankey." He can tell the difference by sight and touch. The only difference is that they have a different padding on the inside as my mom and I experimented with what to pad the burp cloths with to make them more absorbent, etc. He has a preference for which one is colder, that's "good blankey."

Left: A doll sized blanket
Center: Curious George burp cloth (rectangle with shoulder cut out)
Right: Buddy's kidney shaped burp cloths/blankeys ("Good blankey" is on the left)

Then, as the only member of my family who "sews," no matter how poorly, it became my job to sew a blanket for each of my nieces and nephews so they could have a "TV blanket" like each of us had that my Grandma Eyre sewed for us as kids. So I branched out and made some with stuffing and tied them. Then I made some with cotton on one side, fleece on the other. My brother even tweaked the Christmas gift drawing one year so I'd be sure to get his name to make him a MASH blanket.

Left: Emma's, light blue with pink flower design and pink (w/ stuffing and tied)
Center: Bryson's, blue Hawaiian print flowers (100% cotton) with stripey fleece on back
Right: Roger's fleece with edges sewn up MASH blanket

Left: Nick's, flying zebra print (100% cotton) with blue, crushed velvet-like backing
Right: Jaxson's, Blue circles and brown puppy dogs with super soft light blue flannel back

And so my sewing career has evolved. My most resent endeavor, I made new burp cloths for this upcoming baby boy entering our family. It involved a 30 minute tantrum in the fabric store from my son (he loves fabric and fabric stores) because I had already picked out the John Deere fabric and wouldn't buy him the race car fabric, but we survived and some burp cloths have been sewn. Maybe I'll eventually get around to a blanket for this new little one... we'll see.


Jo said...

You crack me up Nancy! You are so crafty and probably the best mom in the entire world! Will you make me a TV blankie b/c those look fabulous!

AshbyFamily said...

I sew baby blankets too...I am also a self taught sewer, whatever you want to call it. I can sew straight lines.

I did change bottles this time from Avent to the cheapy Gerber ones. 2 reasons. My avent bottles leaked all the time and second with the new studies about bisphenol in bottles, and the toxins involved. Avent was one of the worst ones in their study. See this blog about it: http://zrecs.blogspot.com/2007/11/z-report-bisphenol-in-baby-bottles-and.html

Your blankets look nice. I put together a little package for you and it will be mailed tomorrow. Let me know when you get it.


Cristin Lassen said...

I'm impressed! I got a sewing machine for Christmas so I can also make baby blankets. This will also be self-taught of course, but how hard could it be?

Nance said...

Leslie- You're too nice sending a package. Thank you in advance.

Nance said...


I just go to the super expensive, crafty baby stores (or try to see what I can from the tiny pictures on etsy.com) and then tell myself "You can totally do that." Like today, we went downtown and looked at one of the crafty baby boutiques to get an idea for how they fancy up the regular white cloth diapers into burp cloths. While "shopping," my daughter actually asked me if that store sold the stuff too or if it was just stuff you looked at to get ideas. Luckily no one was nearby to hear about my scheming. :)

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