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Monday, January 14, 2008

Packing for the Hospital

At my last doctor's appointment my doctor asked if I was ready. I told her "no, not really" but that we do have the crib up and the car seat ready, etc. She said all we really need are some clothes washed and some diapers. Then she asked if I had my bag packed for the hospital. I don't know if I was in denial about how soon this baby could be here, or if it just totally slipped my mind that I need to pack a bag for the hospital.

So I've started packing one. Princess Sparkley insisted on including a picture of she and her brother, because in the book Arthur's Baby, D.W. makes her mom pack a picture of herself so her mom won't forget what she looks like.

This is my dilemma. I never know what to pack for ME to wear home from the hospital. I packed like five outfits for the baby because (1) they are small, (2), I couldn't decide, and (3) my daughter was so unexpectedly small that she came home in a plain white onesie that she was swimming in.

When packing for what I should wear home after my first child, I took into account that I would be bigger than my normal, pre-pregnancy size and I packed my big jeans. It was devastating when they wouldn't fit. I was sure they would. I had to wear maternity clothes home from the hospital. It was such a sad realization that I wouldn't lose everything I expected to quite so quickly.

When packing what to wear home after my second child's birth I packed a pair of cotton, tie waste capri sort of running pants and a t-shirt. They fit, I came home sort of looking like a slob, but I wasn't wearing maternity clothes. That was my goal.

But it's January, so I can't whip out those same capri running pants without freezing.

Basically, my bag is about 1/3 full. I can't pack my toothbrush yet. I can't pack my deodorant yet. And at this point, I guess I'll be coming home in whatever I wear to the hospital because I don't know what else to wear. Isn't that a funny dilemma? I just can't bring myself to wear maternity clothes home. So I can't pack.


AshbyFamily said...

Old Navy has some great draw string "lounge" pants...basically sweats! I live in them, perfect for winter time.

I wore maternity clothes home, I let all hopes of looking good go after my first kid.

Cristin Lassen said...

I also wore sweatpants home. Who cares? Unless you're going to be on one of those TLC shows like "A Baby Story" or "Bringing Home Baby," no one is going to be judging you, except maybe your husband.

I packed 2 huge duffel bags for Luke's birth because I was unsure what size he was going to be and what size I was going to be, and yeah, it was kind of a joke. I would try wearing home what you wore there. Bring safety pins if necessary to make it so your pants don't fall down.

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