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Friday, January 25, 2008


So this baby was supposed to be born on Tuesday, according to due date calculations, etc. Every one keeps asking me if my other kids were late or early, like that will be an indicator. But one was late and one was early. So if we're looking at it that way, we should average it out and this kid should have been born on his due date. Not so. Now I'm just paranoid that my water is going to break when I'm out and about because last time I went overdue, that's what happened. Well, my water broke. Luckily I was in the non-embarrassing comfort of my own home.

Anyway, still no baby. I go to the doctor in an hour, we'll see if I'm close. I thought I was in labor the other night - strong contractions, ten minutes apart. But I rolled over to have a better view of the clock and fell asleep until my husband's alarm went off to wake up the next morning. So, I guess that would be classified as false labor.


Cristin said...

YOu really are blogging while you're in labor. Good luck. Sounds like they'll probably be giving you pitocin if it doesn't kick itself into gear, which will really be crappy if you don't have an epidural... I can't wait to hear how everything goes!

Yeah - I had a friend who's water broke in sacrament meeting. And her husband was on the stand when it happened.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

If this baby isn't born tonight before ten (I'm tired today), I refuse to love it.

Cristin said...

Okay I just re-read that, silly me, I just realized that you're water hadn't broke yet with THIS one. Anyway, enjoy not having a newborn yet...

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