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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Nephew

My 16th niece/nephew was born this week (I guess technically last week - Dec. 29th). Jaxson Cole. My sister's 4th child, 3rd boy. He was born via an emergency c-section and was moved to the NICU in the hospital a town over from where he was born/will live but is doing great. They let my sister transfer hospitals yesterday to be with him.

He's nice because he ties up my side of the family with my husband's again for number of nieces and nephews. Not that it's a competition, or that our parents are keeping track of who has the most grandkids, but it's sort of fun that every few kids they get tied up again. Here are the current stats:

His family:
Jed's sister:2
Jed's older brother: 6
Us: 2.5
Jed's little brother: 0

My family:
My brother: 4
My sister: 4
Us: 2.5

It also ties us up as far as boys and girls go. Each of B's siblings with kids have one girl and the rest boys. Each of my siblings has one girl, the rest boys.

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