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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron

This book has six things (off the top of my head) in common with Esperanza Rising, that I just read and reviewed.

1. it's more middle reader fiction than young adult fiction
2. thus it is a short, easy read (under 150 pages for this one)
3. there is a picture of a young girl on the cover, sort of dancing
4. the main character is said young girl
5. it's won an award (this one a Newbury... the most coveted award for YA books)
6. it takes place in the California desert and has a dust storm


wendys said...

Um... I think it is a children's book and not a young adult book. The Newbury awards are for children's books. It's definitely an easy read.

Nance said...

young adult books are in the chidren's lit categoory. there are awards out there for picture books. the newbury is for american lit for children. it defines children to up to age 14.

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