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Monday, January 21, 2008

Grammar and Spelling Pet Peeves

My husband has been on a grammar rant on his blog. This reminded me of one of my biggest pet peeves. I absolutely hate when people write the words "a lot" as one word, "alot." I don't remember if it was Mrs. Woolman at Somis School in 7th and 8th grade English, or if it was Mrs. Brannock at Camarillo HS that pointed this out to me, but ever since then it has driven me absolutely bonkers when people write "a lot" as one word. And I'm sorry, but a small part of me thinks less of you for doing it.

I also have issues with people who spell "weird" wrong. My husband, whose spelling has improved much since high school, used to spell it "wierd"(as have other friends I've had over the years) and even on occasion he wrote notes to me in high school addressed to "sweatie" instead of "sweetie." I don't claim to be the world's greatest speller. Nor do I think my grammar is great. Even with a degree in English teaching and a grammar class under my belt, I still ask my husband all of my grammatical questions as he is much better than I.

Just things that bug me that I wanted to get off my chest.


Jamie said...

Ha HA. Sweatie.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Okay, the thing about "weird" is that, when E and I follow one another, the sound produced is (almost invariably) the "long vowel" sound of the second letter. So "ei" says "eye" and "ie" says "eee." So to get a "long E" I would spell the word "wierd."
Secondly, "ea" makes a "long E" sound in PLENTY of words. Let's say you had a lot of meat on your bones. You'd be meaty. And if I liked you? You'd be my meaty sweetie. Think of the word "bead." However, I concede that the other side has "bread," "dead," and "head." The word "lead" can be pronounced EITHER way. So the evidence is ambiguous at best.
Lastly, how do you feel about people who write "all right" as one word? I contend that "alright" means something different from "all right," and so I spell it as one word when I want that meaning.

Cristin Lassen said...

You can write alright, can't you?

Erik always writes "where" for "were" - that is irritating.

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