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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Getting Ready: Part 2

Even after reading (read: skimming) this article, I still plan to use the crib bumper. Especially since at the beginning, if I'm remembering correctly, the baby can't roll over and get to the crib bumper. Plus, like Leslie's comment on my last post said, it catches the binkys/pacis from falling out of the crib and getting lost. Besides, I've had two kids that slept with their crib bumper on and they both survived infancy and babydom. I think with my son I took the bumper off for awhile, but all that happened was he'd wake up screaming with his leg stuck out through the rails.

I plan on using the Avent bottles I already have, even though they are plastic, even after reading this article, but then this one. But, I do think I'll splurge and purchase new nipples for the bottles.

AND, I found probably half of the cloth diapers/burp rags I had misplaced buried in my kids' closet. And I had a ga-zillion, so half a ga-zillion should be enough. But babies, they tend to spit up a lot, don't they?

I bought a new baby positioner, (similiar to the one pictured above). I like it better than my old one because it's sort of a wedge as well. And at least with my daughter, she spit up a ton and needed to be elevated after eating. I'd either have to shove stuff under the crib mattress (which is annoying to do with a bumper, that I still plan to use), or in actuality, she slept in a bouncer the first few months of her life.

But I still don't know, can I wash these teething types of things? And how?

Plus, all of our battery operated baby equipment doesn't work. Some were accidentally stored with batteries still in them (but the batteries didn't corrode), and some where stored without batteries. So I have a bouncer seat that doesn't vibrate. And I have one of those play mats (actually, the exact one picture above) with a little star on top that plays music and has flashing lights, that neither plays music nor flashes lights. What's up with that?


AshbyFamily said...

I read that bumper article. I still like them and am happy to use mine. I never ended up using my sleep positioner this time with Sara's reflux, she still sleeps upright in her carseat or swing for now.

wendys said...

I'm a low maintenance mom, I've never owned a crib. I got rid of a lot of my baby stuff after my son, because we were moving from AK to ID and I didn't want to haul it. So with this baby, I got a new pack n play, and a used bouncy chair and that's it. I don't do swings or cribs. Never owned bumper thingys or positioner thingys. We've never really had a lot of room for cribs and such. But we did buy a yoga ball and use it to bounce the cranky baby asleep if needed.

Cristin Lassen said...

Oh, I really like the idea of using the Yoga Ball to bounce the baby to sleep! I'm going to totally try that!

Nance said...

Now you're making it so I want to go buy a yoga ball.

wendys said...

Sometimes the yoga ball the only thing that calms the baby down. The rocking chair doesn't help much. Plus older kids like it too, its a great toy.

Jamie said...

Ihave a friend that uses the yoga ball method. I saw her baby fall asleep pretty much instantaneously. It amazed me. Yoga balls are good for lots of things aparently.

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