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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bath Pod

Bath Pod

You know how amazon.com shows you other items you might want to purchase? I was looking for a blanket sort of thing that attaches to your infant carseat to keep the baby warm in the winter and this "bath" caught my attention. The best part is the one, very negative review. Click on the above link, scroll down and read it. It cracked me up.

I'm copying and pasting the review down here so we never lose it:

87 of 184 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars It's a BUCKET!, December 20, 2007
By ----- (Seattle, WA USA) -
I sent my husband to purchase a bath seat for our daughter and he bought the Aqua Pod. I have no idea why he found this an acceptable thing to stick our baby in. Um... it's a bucket! Honestly, I felt like I was sticking my kid in a garbage can and it scared the bejeezus out of her as it were.

There is just no room to put a baby in there. Sure, you can stuff him or her in there if you use a little bit of force but there is no room for you to even clean your baby.

May I just comment on this picture they have used to advertise this product for a minute???

My husband purchased this because it simulates the womb (because aren't ALL of our wombs made of hard plastic?), it claims... but had I taken one look at that baby in the picture there is no way in [...] I would have picked this out myself. Look at that kid! He looks terrified! And then there is the mother who has the audacity to offer up a rubber ducky as if the baby has any extra room for playing!

Seriously folks... this. is. a. bucket. For thirty dollars, you can dunk your baby in this contraption. For free, you can stick them in the toilet because that at least has a rinsing option. This product is ridiculous. Mine was returned immediately and replaced with an actual bath seat. If you frequently stick your baby in a spaghetti pot and find that that is suitable for you and also you HAVE thirty dollars to spend, then get this thing. But, if you are a normal person who doesn't want to stuff their kid in a tiny bucket and fill it up with water and scare the crap out of them, then get something else. This product is nothing more than an overpriced bucket. You could get he same thing at Home Depot for two bucks.


Jamie said...

That was hilarious. I read the comments on the review and the lady that was in Germany or something that said that they use these there? It made me think of SNL's skit of Nuni and Nooni with the totally unfunctional furniture. Seriously, how would you clean your baby's bottom half? It would be impossible as well when you are reaching in to get them out. There are so many things wrong with this bath seat. And you would only have a small window of time to use this seat. You would wait until they were at least 3-4 months old and by the time they were 6 months old, they would be too big or they could sit up on their own in the tub. So weird!!

wendys said...

I think if I attempted to put my baby in the aquapod she would be going to therapy for the rest of her life. That was a funny review.

We have the "babybundle" brand of carseat warmy thing. We bought it at Fred Meyers in Alaska and it has been great. I had to make one cut it in when we raised the seat belt in the car seat when the kid got bigger (there holes were all for different brand car seats I think) but it didn't fray at all.

Cristin Lassen said...

I am crying I am laughing so hard. I also read the comment by the German lady and agree with Jamie about the Nuni and Nooni thing. SIMULATES THE WOMB?!? Yeah, I'd be afraid of a little baby drowning or something. I don'tknow, it makes no sense. I mean, how do you even fit your hand in that thing?

Hatch Building Co. said...

Oh my gosh - I can barely write - I'm laughing and crying at the same time. I just blogged about the 'worst combos of all time' ... I think I will put this link on there to top the list!:)


skittles said...

I just want to go on record that I 100% agreed with all of you saying this is a rediculas product...HOWEVER...one was given to me as a gift - and being the curious sort, I tried it out. Until you do, please try to reserve your opinions. There is comfortable/safe spacing for the baby and washing room in the product, water is at full height keeping in warmth rather than the traditional flat back 'sponge bath' and my daughter absolutely loves the product...she still fits nicely at 4 months...and I agree after 6 months she will likely move into the full bath with a ring/seat. I think many of you would be surprised.

Jennifer Nyp said...

Hi girls,

I have to say that my baby LOVES this bath pod. It's super easy to clean their bums and my daughter stands up and sits down and she's been doing it since she was 3.5 months old.

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