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Monday, December 10, 2007


I spent the first 17 or so winters of my life in nice, mild Southern California.

Then I spent 4 1/2 winters in Provo, Utah.

And I've spent the last two winters, and will spend this winter, in Lawrence, KS.

Moving to Kansas I figured I had lived somewhere cold and where it snowed, this wouldn't be any different. It's not my ideal lifestyle but I'd learn to deal with it and adjust.

When we moved here there were a lot of relocated Utahns. They all basically said the same thing. It's not as snowy as Utah, it's colder and there is more ice and freezing rain. I, of course, had no idea what freezing rain was. It was explained to me as, "you could be driving along in the cold rain and then all of a sudden your windshield is frozen." Nice, that sounds great.

This winter, now that we have wireless internet and a laptop, I check the weather forecast probably every hour or so. And not just the day's forecast. The day. The hour by hour. The 10 day. I check it all. And all it's been saying lately is "freezing drizzle," "freezing rain," or "Wintry Mix," whatever that means. And I alternate between feeling like I'm stuck home in the middle of a blizzard and needing to run out and do everything I need to do because weather.com says the "freezing drizzle" isn't due until 5PM.

It's way different being a college student living where it snows, and being a ... gulp... real adult. We actually own a snow shovel, and salt to sprinkle on the sidewalk. I have important events scheduled like doctor's appointments, not just class to walk to. Or social events to blow off.

My husband rides a bike to school everyday. Well... that was the idea, but as the temperature has dropped the bike has become a permanent fixture of our tiny abode's decor, and my husband has been talking me into driving him, or riding the bus, more often than not. The other day we had an appointment for an ultrasound. It was the only day I could schedule one when my husband would be available to be there. So he rode the bus to school and I loaded the kids in the car a few hours later to pick him up. Now, Kansas is flat. Yes, I'm aware of that. But we actually live in a sort of hilly part of Kansas (gasp, Kansas has hills!!). Between my house and the University of Kansas's campus is one street with some massive hills on it. We got stuck. I was literally blocking a major road, with a car equally stuck next to me, and another in front of me. All of us going no where, with some angry cars behind us that weren't stuck. It was like a nightmare come true for me. I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant with two little kids in the car and I'm stuck on a busy street, in snow and my tires just keep spinning. After about ten minutes, I was able to maneuver a little bit, turn left through a cut out in the divider and into a church parking lot, forcing my husband to walk to us, because there was no way to get up that hill.

We made it to the doctor's, we got the ultrasound, but now I keep finding myself thinking of routes around town that don't involve hills. And feeling so lucky that the hospital is off a state highway (first to get plowed, right?), that it's not hilly, or I'd be having even more nightmares about giving birth in a car, in January, in 10 degree temperature.


Jo said...

But think of the story you could tell if you did give birth on the side of the road in 10 degree weather in Kansas. You'd be famous! Maybe even make it on Oprah and then get a bunch of free nice gifts you could share with your friends (those who have children of course as they'd be baby gifts; we single ones would just have to share in the joy). :)

A Random Stranger said...

Oh, you've got some nerve, lady!
Notice how your husband is supposed to ride his bike, but you get stuck in a CAR?!?! I ride when it's cold; I don't ride when it's "freezing rain." The day of your doctor's appointment I got to walk about two-and-a-half miles. My rage is seething through my veins in lieu of blood right now. My ire is making itself outwardly manifest as I through staplers and tape dispensers around the library, where I am supposed to be studying all night, but really I'm just watching weather.com, hoping tomorrow's finals are rescheduled to Jan. 17. Come on, freezing rain!

A Random Stranger said...

I'm so angry I can't even spell the word "throw" correctly!

nancy said...

I'm not saying that you should be riding the bike. I'm just saying that it's cold and so you're not.

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