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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why'd I Go To College?

I came across this site that assesses your blog's reading level. It seemed really fun, until I typed in my blog's address and the results are that after four and a half years of studying at a good university and graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in English-teaching, I apparently write like a junior high student. That was a big boost to my ego. I checked some friends blogs, they were all high school or college level writers with the exception of one that was rated "Elementary School." Now I'm feeling really dumb. Then I checked my other blogs... I have a family blog that is mostly kid pictures for the grandparents. It scored me a:

That made me feel a little bit better. And my book club blog (which I can't take full credit for writing since it's a team effort) scored us a:

I think I'll go with that assessment and blame the junior high level assessment on my obsession with ellipses and such.


A Random Stranger said...

Hey Lady: that baby of yours comes out in 34 days. It's basically too late to back out of any names you might have verbally agreed to with your husband. I'm just saying.

wendys said...

Thats funny! I'm am going to have to assess my blog now...after I post a blog with a lot of big words.

Jamie said...

Ha ha. That's funny. I just did it and it said genius. I wonder what they look at. Or I wonder if they just randomly assign, you know? Maybe it's the html pastes I recently added. Makes it seem like I know code or something, which I don't. And computer nerds are all geniuses, right?

A Random Stranger said...

Mad props to me for all my dope comments totally raising the reading level of your blog. And I was all, like, "Uh uh," and she was all, like, "Uh huh," and I was all, like, "Oh no you di'n'!" And then it was all crunk up in here. Fo' shizzle.

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