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Monday, December 17, 2007

Playing Santa

There is an ongoing joke in my family about my mom losing Christmas presents. She shops in advance (and last minute), hides the presents, and then forgets where. Often times, after all the presents are opened, breakfast is eaten and all the crumpled wrapping paper has been thrown out, my mom would realize that some present she'd bought hadn't been opened and she'd have to start hunting in her closet for it. There were even times when she'd totally forget the present until she came across it in her closet months later. Always good for a family laugh.

My husband called tonight as I was "double-checking" my Santa list. I was in the middle of wrapping presents and was looking at my list of presents (wanted, bought, wrapped, etc. - I'm sort of compulsive about lists) to make sure I hadn't lost any. That made my husband laugh, knowing my family history of losing presents. And there were some on the list that hadn't been located, that I'd almost forgotten, but I had my list, so I hunted in my closet more and found them. Check check check... all boughten Christmas presents are accounted for. This Santa doesn't have Alzheimer's.

1 comment:

wendys said...

I'm a list person too. I think it would be fun to find presents a month or two after Christmas because then you can celebrate again!

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