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Monday, December 17, 2007

Not Martha Stewart... far from

I'm not a very crafty person. I like crafty things. I just don't have the patience for the perfection that I would require of anything crafty. I was the little girl who at church craft events always talked the lady in charge of tole painting to paint eyes on my Easter Bunny, or whatever we were doing. I learned that from my mom. But putting my non-craftiness aside, I'm also the only one in my family who sews. Sort of. I'm beginning to wonder if I can count what I do as sewing.

When I was about 10 years old my mom decided to have a lady from church give me sewing lessons. Apparently I have two great aunts who were beautiful sewers and worked as seamstresses for Clark Gable... or something like that. So she figured the talent must be buried somewhere in the family, and she was guessing it was buried in me. This lady from church had me sew a pair of shorts and we did some iron-on, stitch around decorations to a t-shirt to make it math. I of course picked out the fabric -hot pink and purple and other color checks. I think I wore the shorts to school once and was ridiculed. That was my first sewing experience.

I love quilts. My initial interest, all on my own, into sewing was so I could quilt. The problem... I don't sew straight enough for my quilt squares to line up. As a half perfectionist, this bugs me. Plus I can't cut all the strips and squares straight with my rotary cutter. Basically, I think I try to do everything to fast because I don't have the patience to take the time that is necessary. I think I'm overcompensating for the fact that it won't be perfect no matter how long I take, so if I do it fast, I have an excuse for its imperfection. I was this way in school. If I didn't study for a test, that made a great excuse for failing it. Rather than studying and having no excuse for the same failure. That's sort of my attitude about all things crafty.

So since I'm the only "sewer" in my family, it's become my job to make baby blankets (and capes). A few weeks ago I realized that with all my getting caught up with Christmas shopping, etc. I hadn't thought of making a baby blanket yet for my sister who's baby is due the day AFTER Christmas (nor my own baby). So I found an adorable fabric used in a ribbon tag lovey blanket and tracked a yard of the fabric down on ebay. It arrived a couple weeks ago, and last week I finally went shopping for the fabric to be the back of the blanket. Sometime this weekend I began panicking about all things Christmas mail related, realizing that I needed to finish my shopping for my California family and get it in the mail ASAP. This included the baby blanket which, at the time, was two pieces of washed, nicely folded fabric. So I whipped it up quickly the other night. And it looks okay - as long as you don't expect it to fold nicely into clean straight squares because is sides are not clean straight lines.

So I've taken this super cute fabric, sewn too quickly and while distracted by kids not going to bed and shows on TV, turned it into something inferior to what it could have been. I think that's why I don't attempt very many crafts... they'll always be inferior to what they could be. So as I mail this blanket off, I'm thankful that since my sister doesn't sew at all, hopefully she'll never even notice the crookedness of this little gift. Cross your fingers for me.

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Jamie said...

I'm totally with you on all the craftiness. I would like to do whatever I want to do craft-wise, but I don't know how and when I attempt it doesn't really work out. But your blanket looks cute! I have yet to discover my "hidden" talent. I would like one.

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