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Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's a ...!

We finally had an ultrasound today.

a foot

a profile of the baby's face

a 3D of the baby's face

It's a Boy!


Cristin Lassen said...

Yes! Now I can steal your baby name!

Jamie said...

Hooray! Those 3D pictures are amazing. You can totally see what he looks like! How is your daughter handling the "bad" news?

Nance said...

the 3d ultrasound was super exciting for us. we were promised one with our first because there were some issues with her in the first ultrasound. but we ended up not getting one. it never came up with pregnancy #2. so this was very cool. and he looks so much like our son it's crazy.

princess sparkley took the news okay. she was sad and hid her face for a couple of minutes and didn't want us to talk to her. that's how she handles stuff. then she started looking at the images on the screen again. we'd set up a consolation prize. so the night before she picked that if it was a boy, she'd get to go shopping with me to pick out an outfit for it to come home from the hospital in, etc. so she's excited about that. and we explained that we'll have more kids so there's always a chance for a sister. she seems okay.

wendys said...

Hooray for boy number two! Congratulations!

Jo said...

Congratulations Nancy! How fun to be able to see your baby like that! I'm in awe of you and your family; three children, kudos to you!

Hatch Building Co. said...

How fun! Two boys are great to have - I've always thought that boys need brothers. They can get each other into a lot of trouble....but sometimes brothers are the only people a boy can talk to.

Good luck with your naming decision. We always had a lot of girl names too that we liked and agreed upon - and no boy names - so I understand your dilemma:)


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