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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Eliminated Names

Will BABY X ever have a name??

These are the names which have been nominated and eliminated by one or more members of our family.

Buddy has nominated:
Esee (pronounced like the letters S-E)
his own name
names that rhyme with his own name
Thomas the Tank Engine
other of Thomas's friends (ie: Edward, James, Percy, Gordon, etc.)

I have nominated:
Owen - it's become too popular
Evan - it's become too popular, husband hates
Theodore - too big of a name, no good nicknames

My husband has nominated:
Ignacius (as a middle name, Iggy as a nickname) - ick
Moses - he hasn't really pushed this, but it's one of his favorite names
Hyrum - same as above

Princess Sparkley:
She just sort of goes along with the flow. She was on board with Baby Iggy for awhile. And agrees with Buddy about Baby Zero and Baby Esee. And she'll agree with whichever boy name we're thinking of at the time. So hopefully she'll just be happy with whatever we pick... whatever that may be.


Jo said...

If your desperate for names, watch the movie "She's Having a Baby" and while the end credits roll, all types of celebrities list of their favorite names. My personal favorite is "Bubba". :)

Cristin Lassen said...

Wow, at least you have ideas... Erik and I haven't even ventured into seriously thinking of names yet because we can't agree or think of anything. It really will be Baby X.

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